Stephanie Keske

makes sense, and nonsense.

I'm an experienced Design Technologist who specializes in digital product prototyping to answer questions, solve problems, and make things work better for people.

Visualizing Complex Map Data for User Research

Quick-and-dirty prototyping to solve geospatial visualization challenges intuitively and beautifully, then using the prototype to gain roadmap-defining customer insights.

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Visualizing Complex Map Data for User Research

Hacking a Native Mobile Feature with JavaScript

Getting crafty with a 'year-in-review' feature that successfully nudged customers to invest more. Created on a short deadline and shoestring budget, and resulted in significant progress towards a company North Star metric.

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Hacking a Native Mobile Feature with JavaScript

Creating a Contextual Library for Civic Datasets

Working with academic researchers and non-profit professionals to create a contextual structure and browseable interface that makes civic datasets available to the masses.

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Creating a Contextual Library for Civic Datasets

Work experience

I thrive on learning new things and understanding novel problem spaces. I've worked with cross-functional teams in many different industries:

  1. AWS


    Senior Design Technologist

    I'm building products that help utility companies move their data to the cloud to support decarbonization and grid resilience initiatives.

  2. Civic Software Foundation

    Civic Software Foundation

    Design Technologist (contract)

    I created interfaces and visualizations to help local governments make sense of their civic datasets to better serve their constituents.

  3. Ride With GPS

    Ride With GPS

    UX/FE Engineer

    I built mapping and route creation tools to help people have more fun on bikes.

  4. Aurora/Uber ATG

    Aurora/Uber ATG

    UX Engineer

    I created interfaces to help people generate AI training datasets for self-driving cars and trucks.

  5. Acorns


    FE Engineer

    I built intuitive and beautiful financial products to help people grow their financial futures.

  6. LAIKA


    Technical Director

    I made sense of institutionalized workflows and developed asset management and scheduling tools to help people make award-winning movies.

About me

A woman wearing a pink dress stands in front of a colorful painted background, smiling with her arms folded.

I'm an experienced Design Technologist who helps product teams get un-stuck by illuminating problems and creating tools to explore their solutions.

I specialize in prototyping for user research and product development, diagramming complex information, and developing internal tools to support user-centric work.

I use my background in creative technology to bridge the gap between designers, engineers, and product managers. By speaking both "design" and "tech", I translate complex concepts for diverse audiences to empower everyone's best work. I break down silos to help cross-functional teams stay focused on delivering for their users.

I have built and released production features for millions of users as well as created storyboards to clarify complex workflows otherwise understood by only a roomful of people. I love to make sense of things for people and create tools for communication at whatever scale is necessary.